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Big Feet

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Three sisters, Monica, Phoebe and Fanny had one thing in common, they all had big feet.

One day, all three of them went into a panic because they had been invited to a fancy party where there would be dancing, lots of dancing.

As they loved dancing but didn’t have any shoes to go dancing in, they went to a shoe store to buy dancing shoes.

With their big feet, they struggled to find shoes, but eventually found a section of the store that catered for ladies with feet on the larger side.

Monica came home with a new pair of size 7 stilettos, Phoebe bought a pair of size 8 strappy sandals, but poor Fanny, who took a manly size 14, was forced to buy a pair of men’s boot’s.

At the party, Fanny sat alone in the corner, watching her sisters having a great time out on the dance floor.

While Monica and Phoebe were dancing, two men approached and pointed down at their feet.

“Wow, those are huge”, one of the men exclaimed.

“If you think those are big”, Monica replied proudly, “wait till you see our Fanny’s!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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