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If you are reading this we hope you Love Jokes but also love jokes about love!

This is a collection of love jokes, funny stories about romance, dating, marriage and relationships in general. We hope you enjoy them.

We have jokes about falling in love, falling out of love, marriage, divorce, cheating, affairs and more.

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It’s Tough Being A Man

It’s tough being a man, especially when everything that you say and do is twisted and used against you. Take the following situations, where no matter how hard you try and whatever you do, everything is your fault and you are in the wrong. If you put a woman on […]

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Peeping Tom

“Last night my wife caught a Peeping Tom looking in through the bedroom window”, I said to my friend Bill, “and she got so mad she would have killed him if I hadn’t stopped her”. “He must have made her very angry, all that peeking at her”, Bill replied, “I […]