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We are pleased you found our funny Women Jokes collection, this is where you can find jokes about women as well as funny relationship stories.

It’s not like we have it in for women and enjoy making fun of them. Well we do actually, but we enjoy making fun of men just as much and there is a Men Jokes category to match.

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Growing Flowering Plants

Marion loved growing flowering plants, but unfortunately she had developed a reputation over the years for having plants and flowers die under her care. Even though poor Marion followed the planting and watering directions to the letter, still her plants would just wither and die. One day, she put three […]

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Sexual Harassment

A woman storms into her boss’s office and she tells him in no uncertain words, “I heard that all the other women in the office are suing you for sexual harassment, everyone except for me!” Her boss is still staring at her in shock and surprise when she continues her […]

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Women Undressing

According to a new survey, women say that they feel more comfortable undressing in front of men, than they do undressing in front of other women. The reason is apparently that they feel other women are too judgmental about their appearance, dress sense, underwear etc. On the other hand of […]

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PMS is that wonderful thing women have which often results in men (and other women sometimes) having their heads chewed off. Not literally of course, but it might as well be, knowing first hand how bad it can be to be on the receiving end of a PMS attack. A […]

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