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The Laughline is a huge collection of great jokes, funny pictures and funny video clips that has been accumulated over a number of years.

We like to think that our collection of over 2,000 jokes is one of the best on the internet. Every post is optimised for not only desktop computers and laptops, but also for mobile devices, so you can get your fill of our jokes and funny videos anywhere you have internet access.

It’s important to laugh to help our mental wellbeing and it’s been medically proven. This article from Every Day Health tells you why.

Why Did We Call Our Site The Laughline?

We called our site The Laughline because when you laugh or smile, that’s what it gives you – Laugh Lines.

Laugh lines are most commonly caused by repetitive of facial movements such as smiling, laughing and frowning. If by reading our huge collection of funny jokes you are affected by an increase in the number of laugh lines on your face, just remember that laughter is good medicine, it’s good for the soul.

Find Our Jokes By Category Or By Tag

All our jokes are organised in Categories to make it easier for you to find jokes with a common theme, such as Marriage Jokes, Religious Jokes, Animal Jokes and also seasonal jokes, for example Easter Jokes, Halloween Jokes and Christmas Jokes.

Many of our jokes are also grouped by Tags, another way of making it easier to find jokes that are similar. For example, our Irish Jokes have tags like Paddy Jokes, Murphy Jokes, Drinking Jokes etc.

Our Christmas Jokes category includes a large collection of some of the funniest Christmas pictures that you will see anywhere, so don’t miss this.

We hope you will find many of our jokes so funny that you can’t stop laughing. Since no jokes collection would be complete without bad jokes, we also have some really bad jokes that are sure to make you groan as well as laugh, well hopefully.

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The History of The Laughline

The Laughline was in a past life the Jokes section of The Poddys Directory and has thousands of the best jokes of all time, which have been added over the years, as well as a growing collection of Funny Pictures and hilarious Videos.

Like a lot of people, we love dirty jokes, but we also appreciate that not everyone does. Because of this, The Laughline contains only clean jokes and no explicit pictures or videos that might offend the faint of heart (well almost…). We do have an Adult Jokes category where we place anything that we consider to be a

Both The Laughline and The Poddys Directory are Copyright of The Big Poddy, an Englishman who wandered across the big pond in 1994, spending 15 years in Indiana and South Florida, before returning home to the UK.

Having both a uniquely British sense of humour while at the same time being able to see the American side of things, he brings an interesting collection of jokes and comments on life together, which it is hoped you will enjoy.


We do our best to only use content that is our own, falls under a Collective Commons License, or where we have been permitted to use it.

All jokes and funny stories are as far as we aware public domain or indeed have been written by us or based on an original joke and heavily embellished by us.

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