Funny Space Jokes

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Image used under a Collective Commons License from: Earthlings to our collection of Space Jokes.

Space, the Final Frontier as they say in Star Trek. Well the Final Frontier it might be, but right here Space, the Solar System, Stars, Planets and Moons, Galaxies and the Universe are the topic of some great jokes and funny stories.

This is also our collection of Alien jokes.

Aliens have been the topic of “human” humor for many years. Often they are depicted as “Little Green Men”, or more recently in science-fiction movies as evil scary lizard like beings. But no matter how we depict them, aliens (or the concept of them at least) provide us with some cracking funny jokes.

Let’s get as many laughs as we can before they get mad and try to wipe us out!

So relax, enjoy, and if you see any three eyed green monsters, don’t worry, they are friendly as long as you are nice to them.

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