The Best Collection Of Poetry

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A humor site wouldn’t be complete without poetry would it.  Nothing is better than a good humorous poem or a funny rhyme to make you laugh.

If you like Limericks, we have some great ones here, including a number that are dedicated to St. Patrick himself.

We hope you enjoy the funny poems that we have compiled for you here.

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A Seesaw Tongue Twister

This is a seesaw tongue twister that a friend sent me many moons ago. I had completely forgotten about this until I came across my friend’s email again today (yes I do keep my emails that long). I havn’t heard this before and thought it was pretty funny and worth […]

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Digging In Clay

This is a short poem that I wrote back in 2010 after working in the garden one day, digging in the sticky clay soil. After it had rained, the clay used to be really heavy and sticky, doing it’s best to suck your shoes off your feet, and making them […]