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Ten Commandments For Looking Like You Are Working Hard

There is one thing that is certain in this world and that is if you don’t look busy at work, people will think you are being idle. So, here are ten commandments for looking like you are working hard, even when you are not. I don’t know about you, but […]

Nudist Colony

A middle aged man decided that it was time to change his lifestyle, so he moved into into a nudist colony, but naturally he didn’t tell his family where he had gone, especially his elderly grandmother. Hoeever, not long after joining the nudist colony, he received a letter from his […]

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A young man was caught red handed shoplifting while trying to steal a Rolex watch from an exclusive jewellery store. The shoplifter said to the jewellery store manager, “I’m really sorry. I would rather the police didn’t get involved. I know you don’t want any trouble either. How about if […]

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Physical Examination

A woman had an appointment with her doctor for a physical examination. The doctor asked her to take her clothes off and while he was examining her, he noticed that she had mark like a big red “H” on her chest. The doctor said to her, “That mark is really […]

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World’s Funniest Flight Attendant

You really must see this funny video of what must be the world’s funniest flight attendant. You know what it’s usually like when you get on board a plane. Right before take off, once the doors have been closed and the bridge (or stairs) have been removed, the flight attendance […]

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If you get laryngitis it’s no laughing matter, as you can see from the expression on this woman’s face. But sometimes, one person’s problems can be another person’s blessing, as you will find out as you read on. A man called up his doctor and said to him, “Doctor, my […]

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Mommy How Old Are You

A young girl and her Mother were out shopping one day at the mall, when the young girl asked her Mother, “Mommy, how old are you?” Her Mother said “Honey, women don’t talk about their age. You will learn that later on in life”. A little while later, the young […]

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Insurance Claim

I work for an insurance company and one day a woman called us as she wanted to report an accident and file an insurance claim. All too often this type of call is pretty much the same for me, day in, day out, but I had reason to remember this […]

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The Washing Line

Three women always hung their laundry out to dry on the washing line in the back yard. When it rained, however, the laundry always got wet. All the laundry, that was, except for Veronica’s. Her laundry never ever ended up getting wet. The other two women often wondered why Veronica […]

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Evangelist Show

An old couple were sitting at home, watching an Evangelist show on television, where a preacher is healing people in the audience. The Evangelist spoke to the television audience and said, “If any of you viewers at home wanted to be healed, place one hand on your television and your […]