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Jokes about the military. Whether it’s the Army, Navy or Air Force, we have some great funny military jokes for you, as well as jokes and funny stories about the war. Although war itself is tragic, there are always amusing incidents that get turned into funny stories. I hope you enjoy this selection.

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The Sergeant

A sergeant was passing the barracks after lights out, when he heard some voices from inside one of the rooms. He slowly and quietly walked up to the room, slammed open the door, and shouted: Listen, you guys! A few minutes ago, you all heard me say good night. What […]

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U.S. Marine On A Crowded Train

A U.S. Marine boarded a crowded train and walked the entire length looking for a seat. THere was only one seat left on the whole train, which was occupied by a poodle sitting next to a well dressed, middle-aged, French woman. The Marine, who was really tired, having just returned […]