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The sites listed below are other humour sites that we enjoy visiting as they have great content.

If you have a website that features jokes or other humorous content and would like to share links with us, please send us an email. Send details of the page where you have added a link to us, and we will add a link back to your site on this page, just like the ones below.

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Other Humour Sites Linking To The Laughline

  • Looking For Humor – comedy news, witty quotes, stand up, vintage tv, cartoons and more.
  • Friday Fun – lots of funny pictures, videos, comedy and memes.
  • Funny Jokes Quotes Sayings – the name gives it away, plenty of laughs for everyone.
  • The Golf Experience – plenty of great golf jokes and a whole lot more about the game of golf as well, including tips on playing the game as well as golf equipment and accessories.
  • Humor Outcasts – founded by author Donna Cavannah, Humor Outcasts is a great place to take a humor break.
  • James Proclaims – if you like Humour, with some Inspirational, Motivational and Frustrational articles and talented poetry, James Proclaims is definitely a site to visit.
  • Laugh Break – funny pictures and jokes to make you smile.
  • Quick Funny Jokes – a wealth of quick jokes and one liners.
  • Funny Short Jokes – for when you just want a quick laugh, Funny Short Jokes has some great material to suite your needs.

  • The Funny Beaver – funny jokes, memes and some unique and interesting technology and more. There is something for everyone here.
  • Chaostrophic – a great collection of funny stories, video clips and memes with some naughty posts as well.

Other Fun And Games Sites We Think You Will Like

  • Jackbox Games – makers of party games that include You Don’t Know Jack and Trivia Murder Party, Jackbox Games has a selection of games for when you invite friends over.

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