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Despite what it might sound like, “general jokes” are not about the military! This is a selection of jokes and other miscellaneous funny tidbits that just don’t fit into any specific category. I hope you enjoy them.

Farmer Joe

Farmer Joe was suing a trucking company for injuries that he sustained in an accident. In court, the company’s fancy lawyer was questioning Farmer Joe about the details of the accident. “Didn’t you say, at the scene of the accident, ‘I’m fine’?” said the lawyer. Farmer Joe responded, “Well, I’ll […]

Eating Grass

One afternoon, a wealthy man was riding in the back of his limousine, when he saw two men who were sitting by the side of the road, eating grass. He ordered his driver to stop the limousine, and he got out to investigate. “Why are you eating grass?”, he asked […]