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Image used under a Collective Commons License from: what it might sound like, “general jokes” are not about the military!

This is a selection of jokes and other miscellaneous funny tidbits that just don’t fit into any specific category.

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Two cannibals from Papua New Guinea, a father and son, were elected by their tribe to go out and get something to eat. They walked deep into the jungle, where they hoped they would find some food, and waited by a path. Before long, along came this little old man, […]

Rude Man

Over dinner one evening, a wife says to her husband, “I met this horrible and rude man downtown this morning, and right away I knew he was a troublemaker. He started to insult me. He used really bad language. He even threatened me!” “How did you meet this fellow?” her […]

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Fish Heads

A customer at Abraham’s Gourmet Grocery marveled at the proprietor’s quick wit and intelligence. “Tell me, Abraham, what makes you so smart?” “I wouldn’t share my secret with just anyone,” Abraham replies, lowering his voice so the other shoppers won’t hear, “But since you’re a good and faithful customer, I’ll […]