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We often make fun of blondes, especially blonde women, who have a reputation for being dumb, although blonde men can also be just as dumb at times. We do have some blonde men jokes as well for that very reason.

Of course we know that in real life, just because you are blonde doesn’t mean that you are dumber than someone with hair of another colour, but as this is a jokes site, just go with the flow and enjoy our Blonde Jokes category.

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A blonde woman returned home from work one day and was shocked to find her house had been burgled and ransacked. She telephoned the police at once to report the crime. The police dispatcher immediately broadcast the call on the channels and a K-9 unit that was patrolling nearby was […]

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State Capitals

A blonde girl from Kentucky was bragging to one of her friends about her knowledge of state capitals. She proudly said, “Go ahead, ask me the capital of any of the States in the USA, I know all of them, I have been studying for weeks”. Her friend thought for […]

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