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This is a collection of over 50 of the best travel jokes to be found anywhere online. If you enjoy funny travel stories, whether it’s flying, cruising, traveling by train or going on a road trip, we have some great funny travel jokes here for you to enjoy.


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Travelling Around Europe

Jennifer had just returned to the United States after spending a month travelling around Europe. During her month away, she had been to Ireland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. Her boyfriend Jimmy met her at the airline gate, gave her a huge hug and asked, “So, how […]

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The Slow Moving Train

A woman was on a slow moving passenger train, that was literally just creeping along, slowly, very slowly. Finally the train creaked to a halt. The woman saw a conductor walking past outside, so she yelled out of the window, “What’s going on?”. “There’s a cow on the track Madam”, […]

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Busy Road Junction

It was a stifling hot day and a man fainted while he was walking across the road at a busy road junction. The traffic quickly began to pile up in all directions, and a woman rushed over to help him. As she knelt down to loosen his collar, a man […]