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Where would we be without technology? I tell you where… back in the dark ages with a whole lot fewer funny jokes to tell, that’s where!

If you love jokes about computers and the internet, funny stories about technology going wrong etc, then we have some great jokes for you right here.

There is a saying that goes something like “To err is human, but to really mess things up requires a computer“.

Sadly this is very true, but it’s not necessarily because computers are always going wrong. It’s that when they do, they can go wrong a thousand times faster than a human can.

With it being practically impossible to write computer programs that are wholly bug free, there will always be problems associated with computers, and more often than not the problem will be a “liveware” one.

Now everyone knows that hardware and software are, but do you know what “liveware” is?  It’s YOU!!! The idiot at the keyboard!

I will end with another old saying, and let you get on with reading the list of computer jokes that we have for you. Enjoy…

Most computer errors can be attributed to a similar problem – a screw loose behind the keyboard.

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