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Young Cowboy And Cowgirl

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A young cowboy and cowgirl got married and after the wedding the newlywed couple left for their honeymoon which was in a small town out west.

While they were driving down the road in her new husband’s pickup truck, the new bride saw a bull and a cow having sex.

She turned and asked her new husband, “Wayne, what are those cows doing honey?”

Her husband answered, “They’re roping Jessie”.

Jessie replied, “Oh, ok, I see”.

After a few more hours of driving, they passed two horses who were out in a field having sex, as horses do as we all know.

Again the young bride asked her husband, “What are those horses doing Wayne?”

The husband answered, “They’re roping Jessie, just like those cows were doing a few hours back!”

Jessie replied, “Oh, ok, I see!”

Finally, after a few more hours driving, they arrive at their destination and check into their hotel.

It was well after sundown when they arrived, so having washed up, the newlywed couple started to get ready for bed.

When they got in the bed, they started to explore each others body, as young couples do.

While fondling around under the sheets, the naive bride discovered her husbands penis.

“What is that Wayne?” she asked.

“That’s my rope Jessie”, he answered.

She slid her hands further down his body and gasped, “What are those Wayne?”

“They’re my knots Jessie”, he answered.

Finally, the couple beganss to make love.

After several minutes the bride called out, “Wayne honey, stop, wait a minute please”.

Her husband asked her, “What’s the matter Jessie, am I hurting you?”

“No”, his young bride replied. “Undo those knots will you Wayne, I need more rope”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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