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Winter Power Cut

Image Copyright Tony Payne 2020

I had a winter power cut at my house this morning. It’s just what you need this time of year isn’t it! It’s cold and dark outside, you have no heat, no light, nothing! Welcome to Winter!

I was just sitting watching television, fairly zoned out, when suddenly the lights flickered and went out and the television and sound system went off.

With a bit of quick thinking, I fired up my laptop, which fortunately still had some battery life in it, but of course the router was off so I couldn’t connect to the Wifi and get onto the internet and chat about it on Social Media.

I then looked at my smart phone, the next best option, but as luck would have it, the battery was almost dead. I couldn’t charge it of course because the power was out, so that was useless.

To make matters worse, it was snowing and icy so I couldn’t go for a walk, bike ride or go for a run.

I had a bright idea though, I would drive to the mall and buy one of those device chargers so I could at least use my phone.

So I wrapped up warm, shovelled the snow from the driveway, then realized the garage door opener needed electricity, so I couldn’t even go anywhere in the car. I was trapped.

Frustrated, I went into the kitchen to make myself a coffee and then I remembered that the coffee machine also needed power. Welcome to the modern age.

At this point I gave up, so I sat and talked with my wife for a few hours. She seems like a nice person.

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