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My Wife’s Fur Jacket

fur jacket

My wife has always wanted a fur jacket, and to be honest, while I have wanted to buy her one, just looking at the price tag has been enough to give me a mild heart attack.

Well, last week I was walking past a clothing store, and I saw this really great fur jacket. I would have just kept walking, but the price tag caught my eye, and it was definitely a lot cheaper than the ones I had seen before, and with my wife’s birthday coming up and still no idea what to get her, I just had to inquire about it.

The store  assistant, a shapely young lady with a figure that was similar to my wife, tried the jacket on for me, and when I asked why the price was so reasonable, she said that it was a new style of jacket and that the fur was hamster skin. She added that this particular jacket was actually made from the skins of a thousand hamsters.

I thought to myself “wow!” and knew that I just had to get this jacket for my wife’s birthday.

So, Saturday came along, which was my wife’s birthday, and when I presented her with her new fur jacket she was literally over the moon.

I will spare you the details, but let’s just say I got my money’s worth, and that evening as the weather was nice we went for a walk along the promenade so she could show off her new gift.

At one end of the promenade there is a fun fair, which we used to go to as teenagers, and my wife took one look at the big wheel, grabbed me tightly and said that we just had to go for a spin.

Well friends, this is where things all started going wrong, because once my wife got on the big wheel with her coat that was made out of a thousand hamster skins, I’m sure you can guess what happened…

I couldn’t get her off the bloody thing until the fun fair closed, and even then it took a lot of persuading to get her down.  Five hours she spent going round and round, and in the end the police had to be called to get her off.

So next time you see a real bargain in a store, just think before you buy, even if it does seem like it’s the perfect gift.

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