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Keep up to date with what’s new on The Laughline and what’s topical with our list of things to look out for in May 2023.

Formula One Racing

This past weekend saw the Miami Grand Prix, undoubtedly the most cheesy race and venue on the calendar, although we haven’t come to the new race on the calendar this season, Las Vegas. I have a horrible feeling they will outdo Miami when it comes to the cringe factor.

While we haven’t got any jokes yet about Formula 1, here are some related joke topics that you should get a good laugh out of:

The Coronation Of King Charles III

Whether you are in the UK or not, the fact that this is the first Coronation of a monarch in the UK since 1953 is a big deal.

Here on The Laughline we don’t have any jokes specifically about Charles or Camilla, but we do have some great royal jokes for you:

It’s also Spring so why not take a peek at some of our seasonal jokes:

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Image Used Under A Collective Commons License From:

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