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What Is A Bachelor?

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What is a Bachelor?

A Bachelor, or Batchelor as it’s commonly spelled in the UK, is a single person and often one who wants to remain unmarried, not being tied down to the role of being a husband.

If you look at the definitions below and are married yourself or maybe have been married, I’m sure being a Bachelor in some ways doesn’t sound so bad, if you consider that…

A Bachelor is a man who believes that no marriage is warranted except the one that produced him.

A Bachelor doesn’t believe that dating should lead to long term commitments and marriage, however he does like to think that hos parents were themselves married, otherwise that would make him a bastard by definition as well as by nature.

A Bachelor is a man who always aims to squeeze.

Not being in a long term relationship, a Bachelor feels he is free to squeeze and fondle any woman he wants, but he had better beware these days as there are laws against that.

A Bachelor is a man who always went out on double dates in college.

Those double dates in college are fine but it’s not so easy in the real world, especially when you have a job and those dates might involve your fellow workers. It could just make things a little bit awkward in the office.

A Bachelor is a man who avoids bride eyed women.

A Bachelor is always on the lookout for women who just want a good night out, not those who are looking for commitment and a permanent man to rule over.

Since many marriages end up with the husband under the thuumb of a controlling wife, I can somewhat understand that.

A Bachelor is a man who believes in life, liberty and happiness of pursuit.

There’s nothing quite like the chase of an attractive woman (not necessarily literally a chase but you never know) to try and date her with the hope of more. At least in the eyes of a Bachelor.

A Bachelor is a man who believes in wine, women and so long.

Live for today (or more likely tonight), have a good time and then move on.

Sounds good, but what happens when you do actually find a woman that you really like, get along with and would like to spend more time with? A hard call for a Bachelor to make I guess.

A Bachelor is a man who believes that one can live as cheaply as two.

A Bachelor’s money is spent on expensive clothed, a flashy car and dating, not on having a dream home and planning for the future. It’s all about today (or tonight).

A Bachelor is a man who buys a tie for himself the day after Christmas.

Christmas is about family, so the Bachelor has to take a break from dating, unless there is a free spirit lose at Grandma’s on Christmas Day, but the day after it’s time to get back on the chase again.

Buying a new tie for himself is more of a saying these days, unless you are a person who still likes to wear a tie to impress the ladies.

A Bachelor is a man who can forget his mistakes.

If you screw up on a date, being a Bachelor means you can just move along to your next target. Sounds good in theory, but what about those missed opportunities.

A Bachelor is a man who can get into bed from either side.

Sleeping alone or not having a long time partner does mean that you can get in or out of bed on whichever side you choose on any given day, but for many of us, those little habits can become comforting rather than a loss of freedom.

If like me you have been married for a while, some of those definitions might seem pretty attractive right now, what do you think?

Personally, I think the freedom to date sounds really good, but the prospect of being lonely at times when you aren’t dating someone, or not being able to spend the whole night with someone, well that doesn’t sound quite as good when you weigh things up.

What do you think about being a Bachelor as against being a Husband? I’m sure you have some opinions. If so please do leave us a comment.

If you want to know more about the term Bachelor, there is a good definition on Wikipedia. I actually have relatives with the family name of Batchelor in England.

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