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Were Adam And Eve White?

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This story about the question of whether Adam and Eve were white was sent to me by a good friend, Jack Ray, shortly before he passed away in 2006. I’m resending it, not just because it’s funny, but in memory of a lovely guy who also ran a jokes mailing list and who I still miss.

I normally do not broach any discussions of a racial nature, however I do believe the recent conclusion of an important study by the World Council Of Bishops deserves a mention here.

An often debated religious assumption has been officially accepted after many years of study. I refer to the depiction of Adam and Eve as being white.

There had been a long running controversy disputing that assumption, because it is now quite commonly assumed among the scientific community that the beginnings of human civilization were in Africa.

With this fact established through the well documented discoveries of the world renowned Leaky famiy of anthropologists, the generally accepted belief that Adam and Eve were white flies in the face of genetic theory, basic common sense and the Darwin theory of Evolution, as well as recent anthropological discoveries.

So, as you can see, there was some concern amongst the various councils of the world’s religious bodies, to in effect prove or disprove the lineage from our Adam and Eve fore-bearers.

After over ten years of exhaustive search and thoroughly investigating each and every clue in the deepest recesses and the darkest parts of this planet, the complete examination of all ancient manuscripts, epistles, parchments and written history in the libraries, as well as religious depositories throughout the Christian, Moslem and Asian worlds, a conclusive decision was reached by the appointed investigating committee.

It has been positively stated by the Council Of Bishops, that Adam and Eve, the original children of God and the sole human occupants of Paradise, were most definitely white.

This is because the investigating committee for the Council Of Bishops accepted the conclusive proof that there existed no evidence anywhere, that anyone has, under any circumstances, ever been able to take away a rib from a black man.

Authors Note: This is just a joke, based on stereotypes, it’s not intended to be racially offensive in any way.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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