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Well How Embarrassing! Your Most Embarrassing Moment.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from all have our embarrassing moments don’t we, but I wonder who of us can claim to have had the most embarrassing moment of all…

I have had a few embarrassing moments in my life, but probably the worst that I can think of was a few years ago when my wife (now ex) went away to see the family for a week, leaving me alone in the house.

One evening I was feeling rather, well you know, as you do…

In the bedroom was a small television, one of those that had a built in VCR (yes I am talking a few years ago – if you are too young to know what a VCR is – you are too young to read this…).

Anyhow I digress…

To relieve my frustration, I dug out one of the couple of adult videos that we had bought a while before, and inserted it into the slot in the television.

Imagine my frustration (actually double frustration) when the tape refused to play, but also refused to eject.  It was stuck in the television, and nothing I did would make it come free.

Every time I tried to turn the television on, it would automatically try to play the tape, because there was one in the drive, but because it was stuck, it tried to eject it, and because it failed to do so, it would turn itself off.

Over the course of the next couple of days I tried and tried again to eject the tape.  I even took the casing off the television, but getting to the video mechanism was virtually impossible.

So in desperation I had to take the television to a small local television repair shop, tell them what the problem was, and of course I had to tell them what was stuck inside the drive.  It was after all a fairly explicit tape, and I walked away from the store red-faced, but not nearly as red-faced as when I picked it up.

Of course it took a few days for them to repair it, and the television was missing from the bedroom when my wife returned from her trip, so I had to explain what had happened.  Oh the embarrassment…

So do you have any embarrassing stories to tell?  If so, please leave a comment and share them with us.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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