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Weight Loss Meeting

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I recently joined a well known weight loss organisation with some friends and attended the weekly weight loss meeting.

Nobody likes to be fat, least of all me and we had all agreed that over the holidays, we had put on a few too many pounds, so doing something to try and lose weight was a good idea.

At one meeting, the instructor held up an apple and a bar of chocolate and showed them to the audience.

“What are the attributes of this apple”, she asked the audience, “and how do they relate to our diet?”

“Low in calories” and “lots of fibre” were among the answers.

The instructor then detailed what was wrong with eating chocolate and other sweet products, concluding with “Apples are not only more healthy for you, but are also less expensive. Do you know I paid 75p for this bar of chocolate?”

We all stared as she held aloft the forbidden treat.

From the back of the room a small voice spoke up, “I’ll give you a pound for it!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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