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Walking Holiday In Ireland

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A man was on a walking holiday in Ireland. He loved the great outdoors and the tranquility of Ireland had always appealed to him.

While he was walking through the wonderful Irish countryside one fresh Spring day, he became rather thirsty, as you do when you are out walking for hours, so he decided to stop at a little cottage and ask for something to drink.

The lady of the house invited him into her cottage, showed him to a seat in front of the stove in the kitchen and gave him a drink of water.

As it was somewhat chilly outside, she also served him a bowl of soup which the man ate sitting by the fire.

While he was eating the soup, the man noticed that there was a wee pig who was running around the kitchen.

The wee litle pig kept running up to the visitor and giving him a great deal of attention.

The man commented that he had never seen a pig that was quite this friendly before.

The lady of the house replied, “Ah, he’s not that friendly really. It’s just that it’s his bowl you’re using”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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