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Two Part Question

Image used under a Collective Commons License from had made it to the last round of a television quiz show, where the prize for correctly answering the final question was a whopping ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

The night before the big question, he told the quiz show host that what he was really hoping for was a question on American History.

The next day seemed to drag on forever, but finally the big night finally arrived, and Reginald made his way on stage in front of the studio and television audience.

In the last few weeks Reginald had become the talk of the town. He was the best guest this show had ever seen. And Reginald was certain that he was going to win the BIG prize.

The quiz show host stepped up to the microphone.

“Reginald, you have chosen American History as your final question. You know that if you correctly answer this question, you will walk away one million dollars richer. Are you ready?”

Reginald nodded with a cocky confidence — the crowd went nuts. He hadn’t missed answering a single question correctly all week.

“Reginald, yours is a two-part question. As you know, you may answer either part first. As a rule, the second half of the question is always easier. Which part would you like to take a stab at first?”

Reginald was becoming more noticeably nervous. He couldn’t believe it. He was not sure, but American History was his best subject, so he played it safe.

“I’ll try the easier part first”, he said to the quiz show host.

The host nodded approvingly. “Here we go, Reginald. I will ask you the second half first, then the first half.”

The audience grew silent with anticipation…..

“Reginald, here is your question: And in what year did it happen?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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