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Two Old Maid Sisters

Two Sisters. Image used under a Collective Commons License from

Once upon a time there were two old maid sisters who had never been with a man before and who being now middle aged were both still virgins.

One Friday night, shortly before her 50th birthday, Mabel looked at Betty and said, “You know what Betty, it’s my 50th birthday next week and I have decided that I’m not going to die a virgin. I’m going to go out and I’m not coming home until I’ve been laid!”

Betty was naturally just a bit surprised by her sister’s remark, but replied, “Well Mabel, I wish you luck dear sister. Just make sure you are home by 10pm so I don’t worry about you”.

So, 10 o’clock came and there was no sign of Mabel.

11 o’clock came, still no sign of Mabel.

Midnight came and there was still no sign of her sister. By this time Betty was starting to get really worried about her.

Finally, not long after 1am, Betty was woken from her sleep when the front door opened.

In ran her sister and she went straight upstairs to the bathroom.

Betty followed her and knocked on the bathroom door. “Are you okay Mabel”, she asked.

There was no answer, so she opened the bathroom door.

To her surprise, she saw Mabel sitting on the bathroom floor, her panties around her ankles, her legs spread wide open and her head stuck between her legs, looking at herself.

“What is it, Mabel? What’s wrong?” Betty asked.

“Oh Betty”, her sister replied, “you are not going to believe this. I tell you, it was 10 inches long when it went in and 5 inches long when it came out. When I find the other half you are going to have the time of your life!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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