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Two Old Ladies

Old Women Sitting On A Bench. Image used under a Collective Commons License from

Two old ladies were sitting on a bench in the garden at their old folks home when an elderly man approached them.

Being in a mood for playing tricks, one old lady said to the other, “Here comes Harold, let’s have some fun with him”.

The other old lady agreed, so as the old man went to walk past them, she called out, “Hey Harold, I bet we can tell exactly how old you are”.

The old man replied, “Don’t be stupid woman, there is no way you can guess my age!”

The second old lady called back, “Oh sure we can guess your age Harold! Just pull down your pants and underwear and we can tell your exact age”.

Well, as you might expect, Harold was embarrassed, but still feeling that he looked younger than his years, he was determined to prove they couldn’t do it, so he dropped his pants.

The old ladies asked him to first turn around a couple of times and then jump up and down several times.

Determined to prove them wrong, Harold did it, despite nearly tripping over his pants, which were around his ankles.

The old ladies were in fits of laughter, then they all called out together,”Harold, you are 87 years old!”

Standing there with his pants down around his ankles, Harold was amazed. “How on earth did you guess my age?”

The two old ladies burst out laughing at this point. “Oh Harold, we were at your birthday party yesterday”.

Getting old isn’t fun and suffering from dementia isn’t either, but if we can’t laugh at life and see the funny side of getting older, our final years are going to be pretty miserable.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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