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Two Nuns Shopping At The 7-Eleven

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Two nuns were shopping for some items on a hot summer evening at a 7-Eleven store.

As they were passing the beer cooler, one nun said to the other, “Wouldn’t a nice cool beer or two taste wonderful on a hot summer evening Sister Mary?”

The second nun answered her, “Indeed it would, Sister Hilda, but I would not feel comfortable buying beer, since I am certain it would cause a scene at the checkout”.

Sister Hilda replied, “I think I can handle that without a problem”, and with that she picked up a six pack of beer and headed towards the checkout.

The cashier had a surprised look on his face when the two nuns arrived with a six pack of beer.

“We use beer for washing our hair”, Sister Hilda said. “Back at the convent, we call it our ‘Catholic shampoo’”.

Without blinking an eye, the cashier reached under the counter, pulled out a package of pretzel sticks, and placed them in the bag with the beer.

He then looked Sister Hilda straight in the eye, smiled, and said: “Sisters, the curlers are on the house”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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