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Two Middle Aged Sisters

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Two middle aged sisters lived together on the edge of a small village and managed the farm that their parents had left to them.

They very much kept to themselves, so were both spinsters. They were both also rather timid and all their lives they had both had an extreme fear of electric storms, thunder and lightning litterally leaving them quaking in their boots.

One day, one of the sisters had to visit a neighbour who lived in the next village.

While she was walking home, she was caught out in the open and had to walk across a field in a really severe thunder storm.

Lightning streaked across the sky, thunder boomed all around and totally terrified, she ran to a nearby haystack and buried her head in the hay like an ostrich, so she could not see the lightning or hear the thunder.

Unfortunately, for her, while her head was buried in the haystack, her rear end was exposed to the storm and the wind blew her dress up, exposing a long unused part of her anatomy for anyone who was passng to see.

Well what do you know, along came the local stud and seeing the poor girl’s predicament, he did the only thing that a well endowed stud with a never ending urge would do in such a situation as you might imagine.

After fully satisfying himself, he zipped up his pants and continued on his merry way back to the village.

Soon after, the storm abated and the sister, realising that the rain had stopped and it had gone quiet again, pulled her head out of the haystack.

She then rushed home to tell her sister what had happened.

“Sissy, Sissy”, she said in excitement, “I have to tell you something! I was just hit by lightning… and we never have to be afraid again!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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