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Two Dwarves

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Two dwarves were on vacation in Las Vegas and not having had much success in the casino, given the fact that they were short and the slot machines and poker tables were so high, they decided to go to a bar and have a few drinks.

At the bar they met these two women and chatted them up over a few drinks, then to their delight the two women agreed to go back to their hotel with them.

The two dwarves went with the women to their separate hotel rooms, convinced that their luck had changed for the better.

The first dwarf, however, was really frustrated as he was unable to get an erection.

His frustration was only made worse by the fact that all night long, all he could hear coming from the next room, was his little friend shouting out cries of, “Here I come again! One, two, three, uh”.

This just seemed to go on all night long, so frustrating.

In the morning, the second dwarf asks the first how his night went.

The first dwarf muttered about how embarrassing it was and that he couldn’t get an erection, no matter how hard he tried.

He said to the second dwarf, “It sounded like you were having a good time though?”

The second dwarf shook his head and replied, “I don’t know why you should think that. You think you were embarrassed! I couldn’t even get up on the bed!”

Now I’m sure there must be another side to this story. Have you wondered what the two women were doing all night long? Were they just drunk and sleeping? How come they didn’t help the dwarves to get onto the bed or to perform? Or maybe they were just content with a free room for the night.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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