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Two Canaries

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Once upon a time there were these two yellow canaries in a cage, one male and the other female.

After many months of keeping to their own halves of the cage, one day the male canary decided it was time to meet the female canary.

So he scooted over to her side of the cage and said, “Since we are both yellow canaries and living in this cage together, why don’t I move over to your side of the cage!”

The female canary replied, “No, thanks!”

So, feeling snubbed, the male canary went back to his side of the cage, but found he could stay there no longer.

So once again, he moved to her side of the cage and this time he asked, “I am sorry I was so forward the first time. Why don’t we get to know each other first”.

Again, the female canary replied, “No, thanks!”

Resigning himself to having to return to his side of the cage, the male canary languished about for a while, then made one final effort to get to know the female canary.

He went halfway across the cage and stated, “Well, couldn’t we at least just talk?”

This time the female canary replied, “Oh, I am so sorry I have been so mean. You see I just learned I have a canarial disease called ‘Chirpies’ and I hear it is untweetable”.

Sorry, that’s a real groaner isn’t it.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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