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Tornado Season

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One day as tornado season was about to begin, a weatherman was sent to Missouri to interview the locals about how they coped when they knew there was a bad storm coming and to see how the weather service could be of best use to them.

The interview with one of the local “Hillbillies” went something like this…

Hillbilly: “We don’t need you here man, we have the best way to tell the weather”.

Weatherman: “Oh? How do you do that?”

Hillbilly: “We have a bucket”.

Weatherman: “What if it rains?”

Hillybilly: “The bucket is full of water”

Weatherman: “What if it snows?”

Hillybilly: “The bucket has snow in it”.

By this time, the weatherman is getting rather frustrated at the attitude of the cocky hillbilly.

Weatherman: “What if there is strong wind then?”

Hillybilly: “The bucket is tipped over”.

Weatherman: “Floods?”

Hillybilly: “The bucket floats down the road”.

At this point, the weatherman is rather more than just frustrated and is getting a just a little angry. He just thought of a way that he could stump him…

Weatherman: “So, what if there is a tornado?”

Hillybilly: “A weatherman shows up!”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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