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Top Ten Things You Don’t Want To Hear From Your Real Estate Agent

Photo copyright Tony Payne 2019

 This is a terrific list of the top ten things you don’t want to hear from your real estate agent when you go to complete the purchase of your new home.

Just imagine that you have found the property of your dreams. It’s in your affordable price range, it’s just perfect for you, and maybe for your new partner as well. It’s got a lovely garden too, just the place you have been looking for. Then finally the time comes to go to the real estate agent’s office to sign the papers.

Knowing that once the papers have been signed, do you get really excited, or do you start to get nervous in case you are making the wrong decision?

I wonder just how many people have gone to complete the purchase of their dream home and heard one of these phrases from the real estate agent?

  1. “I think unexplained crop circles add a unique flair to any home’s garden.”
  2. “Actually, it’s only the rear portion of the yard that overlaps the ancient Indian burial ground.”
  3. “Yes, the last owner did donate the house to the Hell’s Angels, but I’m told that the judge has ordered them not to come within 50 feet of it.”
  4. “One bleeding toilet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s haunted.”
  5. “Your neighbour has assured me that, technically, they’re not killer bees.”
  6. “Even if there was a full-scale mudslide, it’s unlikely that it would reach as far back as your property.”
  7. “It’s quite common for roaches to grow that big even when not in the presence of radioactivity.”
  8. “Did you know that the band Grave Raper holds their practice sessions right next door?”
  9. “It’s true that they died in the house, but the prosecutor was never actually able to prove it was murder.”
  10. “You can barely hear the sheet metal factory at night.”

Photo copyright Tony Payne 2019.
If you would like to know more about Sandbanks where the photo was taken, click here.

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