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Three Sons

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A father had three sons who he sent away to university to ensure that all three of them had a good education.

Before they left home he said to all of them, “I feel that it’s my duty to provide you with the best possible education. You do not owe me anything for that. However, I want you to appreciate it. As a token of your appreciation, I would like each of you to please put $1,000 into my coffin when I die”.

A few years later, the inevitable happened, their father passed away at a ripe old age.

Since they had graduated from university, his sons had all become very successful. One had become a doctor, another a lawyer and the third had become a financial planner.

Each of them had been very successful financially, so when their father’s time had come and they saw their father in the coffin, they all remembered his wish.

The first of them to pay his resptect was the doctor, who placed ten $100 bills onto the chest of his father.

Next, came the financial planner, who also placed $1,000 in bills on his father’s chest.

Finally, it was the heartbroken lawyer’s turn.

He dipped into his pocket, took out his checkbook, wrote a check for $3,000, put it into his father’s coffin, and took the $2,000 cash.

He later went on to become a member of Congress.

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