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Three Cookies

Cookies. Image used under a Collective Commons License from

Michael and Seamus were out walking in town and went into a bakery, where Michael snuck three cookies into his pocket with lightning speed.

Fortunately for Michael, the baker didn’t notice what he did. He turned to Seamus and said, “Did you see that? Clever right? I bet you can’t beat that!”

“Now Michael”, Seamus said, “you know I’m smarter than you any day of the week and I’m going to prove it to you”.

So Seamus said to the baker, “If you give me a cookie, I’ll show you a magic trick”.

The baker, who wasn’t particularly busy, gave Seamus a cookie, which Seamus promptly put in his mouth and ate.

Then he said to the baker: “Give me another cookie if you want to see my magic trick”.

Now the baker was getting suspicious by now, bit he still wanted to see this magic trik of Seamus’s, so he gave him another cookie.

Well Seamus ate that cookie too, then he asked the baker for a thirs one.

By this time, the baker was getting angry, but still wanting to see this magic trick, he gave him one anyway.

Seamus ate that cookie as well and the baker was furious.

He yelled at Saemus, “That’s three cookies I have given you and where is your famous magic trick?”

Seamus replied, “Just take a look in Micheal’s pocket!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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