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This Has To Be Genuine Right!

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I was going through my junk mail folder this morning, and I came across this message which looked so genuine, it couldn’t possibly be spam or an attempt to lure me to part with my hard earned money could it?

I mean, just look at the letter below and it’s obvious from the perfect grammar and spelling that it’s written by a wealthy English lady… Oh and the address has to be real too…

Well here it is – unedited, enjoy……….

—————————- Original Message ————————
From: “MRS. LINDA PERRY” <[email protected]> Date: Thu, November 29, 2007 4:56 am
To: <[email protected]>

Dear Aupair / Nanny,

Aupair / Nanny is urgently needed.

My name is Mrs. Linda perry, I am 39 years old Woman, I work Engineering Company in United Kingdom and i don’t usually stays home unless during weekends.My contact address is : 21,Collingham Road Kensington Norwich,London Sw5 Olx England.

I am urgenly need an Aupair / Nanny for my 2 children… Name Glosery and judiet. they are both 3 and 6 years old, Cos i am currently offer a job in my previous company as a stock keeper at the London Super market.

I am a busy woman and my husband who is the father of my children is also an international oil firm Man working with the Oil firm in the state of America as the chief Enginearing in the state. So we are so less busy and do not stay at home regularly that why will need an Aupair / Nanny to take a good care after our 2 children.

We are offering 1,500 pounds every four weeks and 500 pounds weekly allowance… You will have your own apartment with a personal bathroom and toilet..

if you are willing to work with us, We will provide you a personal car that you will be use here in Uk. your duty is to just take a good care of the children and took them to the school…

if you are interest in this offer kindly email me back at this email or phone number ([email protected]), so that i will be bale to get back to you immediately.

I am waiting for your urgently respond. Thank you for taking the time to read my mails /offer


Mrs Linda Perry

I hope you enjoyed that, and YES it’s exactly what I received in the mail.

If you are unable to take the position, I’m sure one of your friends would like it 🙂

Be sure to forward it on just in case…

And… If you have any good spam emails that would help raise a few laughs, please feel free to send them to us in a comment.

If you feel like picking this email apart, there are so many mistakes and curiosities, starting with:

  • It was sent from [email protected] but reply to [email protected].
  • Kensington is part of London, but is Norwich part of Kensington?
  • Her husband is the father of her children. I wonder how many more he has?
  • I am surprised that London has only 1 Super Market. Given the size of the city, people must be queuing up for hours to shop!
  • America is a state! I thought the USA was comprised of 50 states and America is made up of how many countries?
  • If you contact her she will be bale to get hold of you. If I was you I would bale now so she can’t!

Got to love spam emails don’t you.

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