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Thick Snow

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It had been a terrible winter for the Highlands of Scotland with most of the land being buried under thick snow.

It had been a colder winter than normal and there had been three months of unbroken blizzards, one heavy snow storm after another.

As a result, most of Scotland had been covered in this thick blanket of snow, that was far deeper and lasted for much longer than anyone could remember happening ever before, at least not in living memory.

McTavish hadn’t been seen in the village for weeks and lived out in the wilds and the villagers were beginning to get a bit worried about him.

So the villagers asked the Red Cross if they could send out a rescue team to check if he was ok.

The Red Cross team struggled through the thick snow to his remote croft which was at the head of the glen.

When the the Red Cross rescue team finally got to McTavish’s house, they found that the croft was completely buried in deep snow, only the chimney was showing.

“Hey McTavish”, they shouted down the chimney. “Are you there?”

“Who is that?” came the answer.

“It’s the Red Cross”, they called.

“Go away”, shouted McTavish. “I bought a flag last year!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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