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The Yeti

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An English explorer was taking part in an expedition to the Himalayas, in search of the elusive Abominable Snowman or Yeti.

Led by a grizzled local guide, the party of explorers ascended one of the less frequently climbed mountain peaks.

Roughly half way up the side of the mountain, one of the expedition came across a set of large manlike tracks in the snow.

“Yeti tracks” the guide said with a gruff voice as he passed them. “One thing you must know before we proceed;  Do not, under any circumstances, touch the yeti”.

The expedition heeded his warning and continued to climb the slope, eagerly looking around them, but to their dismay no sight of the elusive Yeti.

Night fell and the explorers set up their tents.

In the dead of night, the Englishman awoke to the sound of his tent entrance unzipping.

Half asleep, he looked up to see an enormous eight foot Yeti standing above him.

In fear for his life, the explorer jumped up and ran out of the tent, banging into the Yeti in the process.

The Yeti, after being touched by the explorer, let out a deafening howl and began to chase the explorer down the slope.

The explorer ran away from the camp as quickly as his legs could take him. After he rounded a corner, he looked behind him to see the bounding form of the Yeti still chasing him.

So, the explorer continued to run, reaching the bottom of the mountain in just two days. Exhausted, he paused to rest for a while.

After just a few moments, the explorer began to hear the soft “thud thud thud” of Yeti feet on the snow. He looked up the slope to see the Yeti still chasing him and to his horror it was only moments away.

The explorer took off again, reaching a supply shack a couple of miles away. Once there, he quickly bought a mountain bike and pedalled his way to the nearest town, which was some fifty miles away.

The journey took him several days, over the rough terrain and fortunately he passed through several small villages where he was able to quickly grab a bite to eat, to refill his water bottle and continue on his journey.

After his arrival in the town, he booked into a hotel to recuperate after his perilous journey from the mountain.

Two days later, the man left his hotel, to see about booking transport back to England.

As soon as he turned around, he thought he saw the form of the Yeti on the horizon, bounding towards him at great speed.

Mortified by this sight, the explorer hurriedly bought a car and drove it away from the small town, driving practically non-stop all the way to Delhi.

Once he arrived, the man wasted no time in getting on the next plane to London.

After his arrival back in London, the man went back to his London home for a while, to recover and to plan his next expedition.

He had been there less than two weeks and was gazing out of a window, when he saw a familiar large bounding, manlike creature running down his street.

The man couldn’t believe it. Somehow the Yeti had followed him to England!

The man had little choice but to run away again. He used any means he could, bike, car, or on foot to try to escape the Yeti, but each time he looked behind him, it was just moments before the Yeti came into view.

Eventually the man made it all the way to Edinburgh and from there ran into the open Scottish countryside.

He continued to run but the Yeti just kept getting closer and closer. In the end, the man could run no more.

With the Yeti less than a minute away from him, the man finally stopped and turned around to face the oncoming creature.

With the last of his strength he stood up straight as the Yeti caught up with him.

The eight foot tall Yeti towered above the man, who could only stare in terror.

The Yeti extended his hand and poked the Englishman squarely in the chest with one long finger. With a low rumbling voice, the Yeti began to speak:


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