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The World’s First Fully Computerised Passenger Aircraft

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The world’s first fully computerized passenger aircraft was finally ready for its maiden flight.

The flight was fully sold out, but what was different about this airplane was that everyone on board was a passenger. The airplane was designed to fly without either pilots or crew.

First, the airplane taxied to the loading area automatically.

Then, its doors opened automatically, the bridge came out and connected to the aircraft, again automatically, allowing the passengers to enter the aircraft.

The passengers boarded the airplane and took their seats, guided to them with computerised instructions having scanned their boarding passes automatically as they entered the plane.

The bridge retreated automatically, the doors closed, and then the aircraft taxied toward the runway.

A computerised voice spoke out, “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome on board”.

The passengers all cheered and clapped, and the voice continued, “Welcome to the debut of the world’s first fully computerized airliner. Everything on this aircraft is run electronically. Just sit back and relax. Nothing can go wrong … Nothing can go wrong…nothing can go wrong….”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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