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The World Famous Specialist

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Mordechai went to consult a world famous specialist about his medical problem.

After the visit Mordechai asked the specialist, “How much do I owe you?”

“My fee is five hundred dollars,” replied the physician.

“Five hundred dollars? That’s impossible. No one charges that much!”

“In your case,” the doctor replied, “I suppose I could adjust my fee to three hundred.”

“Three hundred dollars? For one visit? Ridiculous.”

“Well, then, could you afford two hundred?”

“Who has that kind of money? Do you think I’m Bill Gates?”

“Look, replied the doctor,” growing irritated, “Just give me fifty bucks and get out.”

“I can give you twenty,” says Mordechai. “Take it or leave it.”

“I don’t understand you,” the docto saidr. “Why did you come to the most expensive doctor in New York if you have no money?”

“Listen, Doctor”, Mordechai replied, “When it comes to my health, nothing is too expensive.”

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