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The Voice Of God

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Have you ever thought you heard the voice of God talking to you?

Well, one day a 70 year old woman was walking along the road when she heard a booming voice from above saying: “You will live to be 100!”

She looked around in surprise, but couldn’t see anyone.

A few moments later she again heard the booming voice: “You will live to be 100!”

“Oh wow!”, she thought to herself, “that must have been the voice of God. I’ve got 30 more years to live!”

So, she took out a loan and off she went to the plastic surgeon, where she got everything fixed from head to toe.

When she left the plastic surgeon’s office, she was so distracted by her new youthful look that while crossing the road she got hit by a bus, died and went up to heaven.

Fuming, she said to God, “You told me I would live to be 100. I was supposed to have had 30 more years. So how come you let the bus kill me?”

God said: “I’m sorry but I didn’t recognize you”.

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