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The Ugliest Wife

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So, there were these three men, sitting at a bar, arguing as to which one had the ugliest wife.

Yes I know, it’s one of those male chauvenist jokes ladies, but please just see the funny side of it, or imagine it the other way around. I have met some people with ugly wives or girlfriends before, but I can’t imagine anyone really doing this. But of course you don’t know the rest of the story yet, so just read on and enjoy.

Anyhow back to the plot. Remember the three men sitting in the bar, arguing as to which one had the ugliest wife?

Their conversation began to get heated, to the point where they were getting drunk and really noisy, all betting each other that their wife was uglier than the others.

Finally, the barman had to tell them to get the hell out or shut up!

“In fact”, the barman said to them, “Why don’t you settle this bet once and for all and just visit each others houses and decide for yourselves…”

The three of them, all fairly intoxicated by this point, thought that the barman had a damn good idea, so they finished their drinks and made off for the first man’s house.

Upon arriving, the first man banged on his door and his wife answered.

They all agreed that she wasn’t pretty and the man turned to collect the bet from the other two.

“Not so fast”, the second man said, “I’ve got that beat”.

So, off they go to the second man’s house.

He banged on the door and his wife came to answer.

As the door opened, all three of them stepped back in fright and agreed that she was damn ugly.

The second man asked to collect the bet, but the third man said, “Sorry, but I’ve got you both beat”.

They stagger up the road until they come to his house and they walk right in.

There is no sign of anyone around.

The third man stomped his foot on a trap door in the floor and they heard this voice from below say, “Is that you honey?”

“Yeah it’s me”, the third man said.

“Do you want me to come out?” she asked.

“Yes please”, he said.

“Should I put the bag on my head?” she asked.

The third man replied, “No, I don’t want to screw you, I just want to show you off!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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