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The Texas Rancher And The White Horse

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A Texas rancher was driving through Mexico and stopped at the edge of the road to admire the scenery. He had been on the road for a few hours, he was getting stiff and tired and some parts of Mexico are undeniably beautiful.

While he was standing there admiring the view, a beautiful white horse caught his eye.

This white horse looked healthy well kept and was in a separate corral to the other horses on the ranch.

So, the Texan walked over and asked one of the workers if the horse was for sale.

The worker trying to communicate with him, said “No, no, he no look too good”.

The Texan was not satisfied with the answer because he saw that the animal looked great and he insisted on buying it.

After a few arguments the worker arranged to sell the white horse and the Texan took it back to his ranch.

He rode the horse through his ranch and galloped up to the barn, when suddenly, the horse ran right into the barn wall.

Frustrated, the Texan took the white horse all the way back to Mexico and talked to the worker that sold him the horse and explained what happened.

The worker said, “Si si SeƱor, I told you, he no look too good”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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