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The Swimming Contest

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The swimming contest is a funny story involving disabled people. No offence is intended to anyone with any kind of disability. It’s just a funny story.

So three disabled people entered a swimming contest.

The first person had no arms, the second person had no legs and the third person had no body, just a head.

They all lined up at the edge of the pool, the whistle blew and with a “splash” they were all in the pool and headed off to the other end.

The person who had no arms instantly took the lead, but the one who had no legs was pulling for all they were worth and closing fast.

The head, as you might have expected, sadly just sank straight to the bottom of the pool.

Ten lengths later and the person who had no legs finished the race in first place.

The judged could still see bubbles coming from the bottom of the pool and so they decided they had better dive down to rescue the one with just a head.

They picked up the head, swam back up to the surface and placed it at the side of the pool, where the head started coughing and spluttering.

Eventually the head caught it’s breath and shouted,  “Three long years I’ve spent learning to swim with my ears. Three long years! Then what do you know! Two minutes before the whistle goes, some wise guy puts a swimming cap on me!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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