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The Strange Noise Coming From Outside

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Last night, just before we went to bed, I could hear a strange noise coming from outside. It wasn’t the normal constant “THUMP THUMP” sound that you hear when someone has the bass turned up in a car, so that you don’t actually hear any music, just a thumping sound.

It was a bit odd, as the noise was still rhythmic, but it just sounded different somehow to that usual annoying “THUMP THUMP” that you get from some jerk’s subwoofer.

My wife couldn’t hear it at first, which is odd, since she is always complaining about my needing to go for a hearing test, but when she turned the television off, there it was, “THUD THUD”, then about a second later “THUD THUD”, then “THUD THUD THUD THUD”, then another period of silence. I thought it sounded like it might be music, but then it also sounded like it could have been machinery also. It was puzzling.

Anyhow, she wandered up the stairs to bed, while I finished off  checking my emails and Social Media posts on the laptop. Then I heard her coming down the stairs again, as I was about to power the laptop off.

My wife had obviously been looking out of the bedroom window when she was closing the curtains, as she said, “Tony, that noise is music coming from the car outside. The windows are all steamed up as well!” She also said that you could see arms and legs moving in there, so she had obviously been watching then for a few minutes.

Well we both had a chuckle, then I said to her “I dare you to ask them to turn the music down”.

My wife isn’t that shy, but then she normally isn’t that brave either, but quite unexpectedly and without any hesitation, she went into the front porch, put on a pair of shoes and a jacket and headed outside and knocked on the car window.

A well fogged up car window was wound down and there is this young couple inside, with the seats fully reclined, obviously busy “getting it on” right outside our house, with loud music going.

Well they turned it down, I’m sure they both turned a deep shade of crimson and they drove a short distance up the next road where it was darker, presumably to have another go.

The weird thing is that we live in a row of houses with short driveways that are only long enough to back a car into and we have two bright streetlights outside as well.

I remember those days when you both had the urge and nowhere to go and take care of it, but parking outside a well lit row of houses doesn’t seem like the perfect location to me, as it’s obvious to any passer by that there is something going on.

Anyhow, yes it’s a true story and it happened last night outside our house.

Image used under a Collective Commons Licence from:

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