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The Sixth Fairway

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Fred was playing a round of golf and ready to hit his ball off the sixth tee.

Now the sixth hole needed quite a bit of skill, because the fairway ran alongside a busy road.

Fred lined up his shot nicely, but ended up slicing the ball badly and it flew way up in the air and disappeared over the hedge bordering the road.

So Fred put another ball down and took the penalty, deciding to carry on and finished his round of golf.

A while later, he was having a beer in the clubhouse, when a golf pro came and joined him in the bar.

“Excuse me Fred”, the golf pro said, “but was it you who sliced this ball into the road at the sixth this morning?”

“Yes”, Fred answered, “but I took the penalty”.

“That’s as may be”, the golf pro said, “but you might be interested to know that your ball hit and killed a small boy on a tricycle. The tricycle fell in the path of a Police Officer on a motorcycle. He skidded and was thrown through the window of a car, killing the nun at the wheel. The car then swerved into a cement mixer which wasn’t too damaged but had to veer slightly and in doing so ran into the local school bus with such an impact that it sent it flying through the window of the shopping centre. At last count from the hospital, there are thirteen people dead and seventy nine people seriously injured”.

The golfer turned a deathly shade of white and said, “Oh my God, what can I do?”

“Well”, the gold pro added, “you could try moving your left hand a little bit further down the shaft”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License:

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