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The Scotsman’s Caddie

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This is a good golfing story about the Scotsman’s caddie, one of those stories about how Scotsmen are typically tight with their money.

One day, the weather looking fine, a Scotsman decided that he would go out and play a round of golf.

After standing for a while on the green, he asked a boy standing beside him: “Would you be my caddie for today?”

“Yes sir”, answered the boy, who being Scottish too was always keen to earn a few more pennies.

“You are good at finding lost balls?”, the Scotsman asked him.

“Oh yes sir, I find every lost ball”, the boy answered.

With a wry smile, the Scotsman said, “Okay, boy, then run and search for one, then we can start the round!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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