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The Retirement Home

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An old man and old woman met shortly after both became residents at a retirement home.

They soon began to get pretty friendly, and really enjoyed each others company.

After about three weeks of getting to know each other, the old man said to the woman, “I know we are both old and can’t do much sexually anymore, but if I pulled out my penis, would you hold it?”

The woman did not see what harm that would do, so she said she would.

This became a habit, so every day for the next month, the couple would sit in the park by the lake and the old woman would hold the man’s penis.

One day the man didn’t show up at their regular meeting place.

The woman became concerned, and set out to search for him.

Further down the shore she spotted him sitting on a bench, with another woman beside him.

She walked up to the bench to find his penis in the other woman’s hand.

This upset her very much and she yelled at the old man, “We have been together for two months now, I thought we were getting along just fine. Now I find you here with this other woman. What does she have that I don’t?”

“Parkinson’s Disease!” replied the old man with a smile.

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