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The Rabbi’s Hat

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This is a short story about the Rabbi’s hat. You are going to like this one.

One windy day, an elderly Rabbi was walking slowly down the street when a gust of wind blew his hat from his head.

The hat was being blown down the street, but being an old man who used a cane, the Rabbi couldn’t walk fast enough to catch up with the hat.

Across the street was a young man, who saw what had happened and rushed over to grab the hat, which he then returned to the Rabbi.

“I don’t think I would have been able to catch my hat”, the Rabbi said, “I am very grateful to you young man, thank you very much”.

The Rabbi then placed his hand on the man’s shoulder and said, “May God bless you”.

The young man thought to himself, “I have been blessed by the Rabbi. This must be my lucky day!”

So, the young man went to the race track and placed a bet on a racehorse that was running in the first race, because it was called “Stetson”. The young man placed a $50 bet and sure enough the horse came in first.

Really pleased with his good fortune, the young man placed a bet on a racehorse that was running in the second race, called “Fedora”.

The odds were 30 to 1 and the young man bet all his winning on the horse, which also happened to come in first.

Finally at the end of the day, the young man returned home to his wife.

When she asked him where he had been, he explained how he caught the Rabbi’s hat and was blessed by him. He then told her how he had gone to the race track and started winning on horses that had a hat in their names.

“So where’s the money?” she asked him.

“I lost it all in the ninth race. I bet on a horse named Chateau and it lost”.

“You stupid fool”, his wife scolded him. “A Chateau is a house, Chapeau is a hat!”

“It doesn’t matter”, he said, “my luck must have run out. The winner was some Japanese horse named Yarmulke”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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