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The Priest And The Rabbi

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A priest says to his friend, who is a rabbi, that he has found an excellent way to eat for free in some of the really good restaurants in town.

Well, naturally the rabbi is interested, so the priest explains how his plan works.

“I simply go into the restaurant at well past 9 in the evening, I eat several courses slowly, then I linger over coffee, dessert, and smoke a cigar”.

The rabbi is fastinated by this, and priest continues.

“At about 2am, as they are cleaning up and all the other customers have left, I keep sitting at my table until eventually a waiter comes up and asks me to pay my bill. Then I say to the waiter, ‘I have already paid my original waiter, who has left for the night’. Because I am a man of the cloth, the waiter takes my word for it, and I just simply walk out the front door of the restaurant as calm as ever!.

The rabbi, who is clearly impressed says, “What a brilliant plan. Let’s try it together this evening”.

The priest agrees and books them into an expensive, 5 Star Italian restaurant that evening.

The priest and the rabbi both eat like kings, and just as before, right at 2am, they are both sitting quietly after enjoying their very full meal.

Sure enough, a waiter comes over and hands the priest and the rabbi a bill and asks them to pay.

The priest calmly says to the waiter: “We have already paid our original waiter who has left for the evening”.

Then, much to the priest’s surprise, the rabbi adds: “And we are still waiting for the change!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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