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The Perfume Counter

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Two leggy blondes walked up to a perfume counter in a large department store where the first blonde picked up a sample bottle of perfume, sprayed it on her wrist, smelled it, and said, “Ooh that’s nice, don’t you think, Tracy?”

Her friend Tracy took a sniff of her friend’s wrist and said, “Yeah, that’s nice. What’s it called, Sharon?”

Sharon said, “It’s called Viens a moi.”

Tracy replied, “Viens a moi? What does that mean?”

The woman on the perfume counter, overhearing them, said, “Viens a moi, ladies, is French for ‘Come to me.'”

Sharon takes another sniff of the perfume bottle and said, “That doesn’t smell like come to me Tracy. Does it smell like come to you?”

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