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The Origins Of Food

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Sally Ann had been studying the origins of food in her kindergarten class.

One day, she was with her mother and they were walking through the grocery store, discussing where food came from and what ingredients went into various products.

Sally Ann said to her mother, “Pork comes from pigs and beef comes from cows.”

Then she asked her, “How DO they get the pork from the pig, Mommy?”

Her mother felt that the truth was the only way to go, so she explained that they kill the animal to eat its meat.

Horrified, Sally Ann went past shelves staring at the meat counter and saying, “They KILLED a cow to get THIS?”

She could not believe the reality of it all and her little heart was broken.

Then, they went to the bakery section, where Sally Ann began to check out the various cakes, donuts and other goodies.

She noticed a beautiful white cake and asked, “Mommy, what is this cake called?”

Her mother replied, “It’s an angel food cake, honey”.

Immediately Sally Ann’s eyes filled with big tears and she wailed, “You mean they KILLED an ANGEL to make this?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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